Coca Grill restaurant, Bangkok. Designed by Integrated Field

When a cafe or restaurant is displayed within a film or tv show, it has to look so much like it’s real world counterpart that it moves into this fake, weird category of it’s own.


The diner in Seinfeld is a set, but it looks and feels so much like a shitty New York cafe, because it’s been designed that way. Every piece of the set has a purpose, to scream new york diner”: from the lighting to the mustard bottle.

Interesting things happen when these patterns are subverted, like this Bankok restuarant: “They used several public space elements to create the unique culinary atmosphere that you only find in Asia, ranging from street vendor carts and light signs to street floor patterns, manholes, open kitchens and colorful chairs.“

(via New Bangkok Restaurant Brings Street Food Experience Inside — The Pop-Up City)

February 25, 2013