Make money from Home

This TikTok (it’s a joke) has a surprising amount of sales and persuasion jammed into about a minute. Everyone is in sales..

Transcript from @chadandjenny

So how do we make money from home?”

Curiosity. I don’t know if anyone actually asked this question, but it’s a great way to get attention and hook you in. The line Making money from home” is legendary within the annals of internet display advertising (think of all the lonely, bored, poor people clicking around the internet - basically everyone).

For starters this is not a sponsored video. We just get this question all the time.”

Authentic. Sounds like, this is is not fake, this is real. Also social proof (we have lots of viewers). A la many people are saying…” from Trump.

Honestly, the answer is really simple.”

Ok, so making money, easily (from home), and simple (even I can do it).

Here’s the ask (click link, download and sign up for Robinhood). But an ask is costly. It sounds like an ad now, right? So he immediately qualifies with if you want to”, no pressure. Free x3. Ends reassuring that this is not a fake, scammy thing (because that’s what you’re thinking).

I know trading sound intimidating. Here’s my strategy in a nutshell. I see a stock going up and I buy it. I just watch it until it stops going up and then I sell it. And I do that over and over. And it pays for our whole lifestyle.

This got a lot of laughs on Twitter. But I think it’s designed to sound simplistic. You sort of can’t believe it’s true. It can’t be that easy?

If you are wondering how much you can make doing this.. In this month I turned $400 into $14,000. And in this month I turned less than a $1000 into $20,000.”

He shows screenshots from the app of the gains. Hard to fake and extremely powerful to see $20,000 and a big up arrow.

Honestly, my favorite part about this isn’t even the amount of money you can make but just the fact we don’t have to go to a 9 -5 job.”

The whole tone is casual, and this is consistent. They sort of rub the money in your face, but would rather talk about the lifestyle, relaxing, travel etc. A bit more trustworthy – like oh they are just a chill couple who don’t want to work a crappy job (like I have).

So if you have friends who want to make money from home, you can tag them or send them a link. Or if you make money this way, share it in the comments so other people know there’s other people doing this now.”

Here’s the second and final ask: spread the good word. Also, everyone has friends who want to make money from home.. It’s like asking, do you have friends who want to make more money? Asking for testimonials is also interesting, since it’s sort of framing this as a taboo or secret thing that people are doing, and they are trying to break the stigma (rather than sell something).

January 19, 2021