Sustaining Oxygen & Harmful Exposure

  1. Social Oxygen. Grabbed from Gretchen McCulloch featured on a recent A16z podcast. A riff on this might be hydration. It’s a positive thing for our body, mind soul, that, pre-covid, we picked up quite easily. A bit here on the way to work, hallway conversations, bumping into someone at the cafeteria, or maybe after work at the bar. All these moments fill up the tank – along with the more obvious social interactions like with partners, friends or at parties or events.

  2. Gretchen also talks about how we use war metaphors when we talk about covid, eg. Front-line workers”. But that’s not really how the virus works. We can’t bomb the virus or assassinate the leader. In Australia, from a young age, we are taught about sun safety. We know when the UV is highest, and we know how to protect ourselves from it. We already do things like test sewers for virus, maybe if the data and instrumentation improves, we could see something like a reliable score or number for the virus in your area. Sun exposure. Virus exposure. The longer you are outside, exposed to the harsh sun or virus, the higher your risk.

January 9, 2021