Calm Down

Interviewed a copywriter this morning. She was so calm and relaxed.

Aside from wondering the usual things, like, do I want to work with her, I was scratching my head at how cool she was.

Later, I asked my manager about it. She said, most senior people are relaxed in interviews. They don’t know if they want the job or not, why should they be anxious?”

She is super tough, and Ukranian. She leans back in her chair and smiled. Why do I want to work for them? I don’t know who they are! Maybe they are idiots!”

I agreed. It sounded like such an obvious, correct mindset to have.

But why didn’t I have it?

Every interview I’ve ever been in, has been nerve wracking. I’ve never felt like I was in a position of power, or had much say in the matter. Why is that? Does that eventually go away?

At some point, I started believing that interviews were a punishment, where all my weaknesses would come to light, and the panel would slam the door on me, and spend a decent chunk of time discussing how terrible I was.

The power to relax, and calm down, in pressure, is like magic.

If you can do it.

June 19, 2019