The Hourglass

Have you ever felt like a major shift in time?

We often think about holidays or certain time periods that feel a long time ago” or went by so quick”, but recently I’ve been noticing this happen in the present moment too.

The best way to describe it is a sense that I have lost the ability to accurately predict the time of tasks. I give myself 10 minutes’ to do something, and all of a sudden 15 minutes has gone by. It’s not a huge difference, but it adds up.

For me, the hourglass feels like it’s been smashed and is leaking sand out in numerous directions.

Am I becoming slower? Is everything around me speeding up? Am I more focused on tasks, so that I don’t notice it?

My number one feature request for life right now is a pause button. Let me pause everything, just for 30 minutes.

January 18, 2020