Busiest train station in the world, and for some reason i decided to go there at 9, instead of 11 when most shops open. foolish, but still a good day in shinjuko.

went to tokyu hands, creative life store’, basically the biggest department store in the world, full of everything you can imagine. I saw a plush hat which was literally a pile of cartoon poo, next to a mask of barack obama, next to a mask of M.J which was next to a 4 litre vitamin water. It just doesn’t make sense.

Strip club district is very similiar to the london russian girl district. Lot’s of annoying promoters- same anywhere in the world really.

For dinner went to a restaurant up 4 floors in an elevator- it takes a while to get used to the fact that everthing is up, not across. Ate chicken organ’ skewer, chicken skin’ skewer and chicken bone’ skewer basically everyhing but the meat.

Coming to realize that raw egg for dipping rice and meat in is actually legitimate a meal.

in western culture raw egg is really only acknowledged within talking about rocky 1 right?

February 25, 2010