February 26, 2010

Harajuko + Shibuya

Street wear to the gills, supreme, a life, beams you name it.

Most people actually know english, my bad.

i have never seen so many shoes-good shoes in my life, or daypacks.

nigerians are in Tokyo as well… they’re everywhere!

I think i like j pop, and k pop (google hyuna) for a few reasons.

I got asked if i wanted a haircut by a guy who was just walking near me-he was a hairdresser… it was weird

then i got asked at shibuya station if I wanted to work for Abercrombie & Fitch (Ginza)—wtf????

I have tried basically every drink you can have from a vending machine, a lot are bad. A lot are just variations of lemon tea, and a lot are variations of cold coffee… BOSS FIRE etc.

going out to roppongi hills tonight (it’s 5 now). so that should be big!

because it’s so rare to see another tourist, when you make eye contact it’s really weird, it’s like oh you’re here as well, fair enough’.

today was free coffe day at Mc Donalds: i swore before i left i wouldnt eat at any western chains (thinking of eating at Dennys before i leave tho), but i think thats a good enough reason to go in.

ads are as weird as you think they would be, usually some really hot japanese girl holding the product in her hand, with someone dressed up as a salt shaker screaming and dancing and shaking salt everywhere in the background..

figure skating is also a big deal! huge crowd at a tc store watching- i think japan is pretty good at it.

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