Put it in a circle

Faces. We all need em! Alongside your name, your face or avatar’ as nerds prefer to call it, is probably the easiest way to personalise and add context to what you’re trying to say. When I worked in the kitchen, the Chef and I would flick through resumes and laugh at poor english, cheesy quotes and endless lists of skills’. More often than not, a half decent photo and a quick recap on their past employment was enough for us to call them in. In fact, even fancy word-play and expensive fonts won’t get you the job.

Trawling through the staff of Path, Apple and other boring nouns, I noticed a popular way that employees liked to present themselves; in a circle.

I can think of two main reasons for this trend:

  1. Recently, social networks like Path, Medium & G+ have been using a circle shape for avatars; it’s something that you see everyday on the social web. I’m not going to research this properly, but I’d have a wild guess that Apple was one the first big companies to use this style (please correct me if I’m wrong.)



I don’t use Path, because no-one I know does, but dang it looks pretty.

  1. Probably because it looks good?

Check out Nick, Taylor, Connor, Josh, JoeKenji & Ryan for live examples.

June 24, 2013