July 22, 2010


Finished the cover shoot for issue 4 yesterday. We wanted to do our best Terry Richardson impression, a bit overexposed, sharp shadow against a white backdrop (see pic). After a bit of playing around we got pretty close.. ive gotta take it into photoshop but it looks 90% there already. (note he mainly uses a yashica t4, a point and shoot film camera) and we were using a standard dsl.

Issue 4 has finally come together, almost. I thought making a mag in the holidays would be easier because I didn’t have school, but it turned up co-ordinating everything by email slowed the process down. Hopefully can get it to the printers by Monday, and should be out on the racks by Friday.

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joshkeyes.net If mankind dies out in some sort of freak disaster, I’d hope the animals didn’t just go about their business, but go nuts like in this painting
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855351085 Nice fold out from Elle Italy. Big news shaking up the Magazine (and kind of design) world this week. Roger Black has started a project called