Nice fold out from Elle Italy. Big news shaking up the Magazine (and kind of design) world this week. Roger Black has started a project called Ready-Media, which basically is a set of defined templates for magazines (travel, regional etc).

Print media has been taking a flogging over the last few years, with newspapers shutting down, advertising rates dropping and all that, and of course the ipad which doesnt neccasarily kill print but says magazines can look better, cheaper and be more interactive on a lcd screen’. 

But this ready-media bullshit isn’t progressing magazines like the ipad (will) do. I liked Paula Schers wizened optimism Well everyone, hang in there. No one, not the cheapest publisher or editor wants to feel like they bought some cheesy bargain basement generic rip-off. And they will feel that way instantaneously. They will embarrass themselves in front of their peers.

This always shakes out, no matter where it comes from. Trust me. I’ve watched this cycle for forty years.”

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July 25, 2010