Blog Breakfast

Fresh from the loaded tabs of my browser, I’m reviving the forgotten segment Blog Breakfast’. A little bit of this and that for you to chew on, before you get bloated and need to go outside and do something wholesome.


The new Stupid campaign by Diesel. Remember SFW XXX?. IMHO one of the greatest virals ever, and they weren’t even really trying to sell anything (directly). This campaign isn’t as clever, but still a fun concept to work off.

In other ad news, british bankers Halifax’s campaign blows, and Intels’ new tvc’s are actually quite good.

Junior recently interviewed copywriter Evan Fry (their 28th interview!) which I enjoyed reading.

 Should advertising be a means to an end?

-Depends on how much a boner it gives you.”

All the rest…

As most people wait for Apple to release something amazing, or maybe a few amazing things, Microsoft update their Office branding. To be honest, the 2007 icons turn up on my dock sometimes, and I think they still hold their own, mainly because they are so over the top and futuristic. Anyway, it’s ok the new ones suck.

On an unrelated, but totally necessary note, have you watched Mega Shark? Did you question the takedown of a commercial plane cruising at cloud level? By a shark? This infographic shows how it could be possible, or impossible.

To finish off, Adrian Shaughnessy writes a nice little piece on the new short animated film Logorama by H5.

There are consequences — moral, political and cultural — attached to (graphic designers’) desire to create this world of beauty and seduction. One of those consequences might just be a brand-dominated world like the one depicted in Logorama. Scary thought.”


January 19, 2010