Hyping on new work from Matt Maitland. A bit of research also shows that he designed Goldfrapp’s Seventh Tree cover art. Stylistically, this new work for the Liverpool Biennial Campaign and Basement Jaxx among others, is way more impressive. He recently took two titles for Eye’s Just add stock’ awards, and I’ve got to say in terms of stock photography this is one amazing use.

When it comes to collages and image mash ups, I’ve gotten so used to that punk or vintage look, that I’ve simply become bored with it. In contrast, Matt’s work utilises bright slabs of colour, the occasional dollop of goo or geometric shapes and of course a sharp mix up of images. It breathes life into tired YSL and D&G fashion spreads, but at the same time blends in to the high brow nature of the campaigns because of the crystal clear stock content. Very surreal, very fucking cool.

This piece by Yes Studio for Warp Records and the infamous (right?) Tubular Bells cover are in a similar orbit of acid/jungle/psychedelic fusion.

In terms of inspiration, Matt’s work is something that makes my brain flip over like a piece of french toast and start thinking in another direction.

January 14, 2010