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Right now I’m not on my computer. By wednesday I’ll try and have a bit more of work I’ve been doing for ANZ and a weekly wrap up post.

Oz day tomorow, so I thought this link to the new revamped australia in front blog seemed fitting. The old site was a bit clunky and I tended to avoid it but by clicking the studio’ tag, I found a bunch of local studios that I didn’t know about.

But… Do we need any more boutique design agencies with nice macro shots of their print work? It’s starting to look a bit the same..

I’ve been working for an advertising agency, and I really like the concept of the art-director. The definition of an art-director has become murkier since the 60’s, but It fits with want I want to do. I’m studying design, so the tech side of things: working closely with printers, colour mixing, layout and type design will still be important over the next two years, and I’ve still got heaps to learn. & From what I’ve heard that this discipline is getting a bit lost in the advertising of today.

a lot of art directors don’t know shit about type, layout etc”-anonymous

I see George Louis as a huge inspiration.

If one were to choose a single word to characterize the Lois approach, it would be simplify.”

where clients are understandably conservative and admen are predictably cautious, where committees reign and lawyers restrain (George) infused clarity, intelligence and taste into American advertising.”

The same praise could be said about a good art-director today.

I’m having my first meeting with the new team for Esperento 2010. I’ll be the new Art-Director and I want to make that magazine kick ass again. I don’t know where the cross over is; whether I want to Art-Direct for a publication or for Advertising… something like that.


January 25, 2010