It’s one thing at a time, filling your browser window.

John Gruber, on why 10.10 won’t look like icloud.com.

I ignored iCloud, not just the web property but the platform, for a long time. I thought the roll-out was sloppy, and the service was confusing. It was never clear what it was doing, or why people should use it. Ambiguity was in its DNA.

But after using one app, contacts’, and watching it sync with my phone, was enough to make me a daily user. If their apps work in the browser as well as they do on their devices, I think OSX could start looking, and working a lot differently. 

And that goes for Windows too. I know there’s a lot of fuss about Microsoft moving to the cloud, but it’s not all analyst hype. Opening a .pptx file online was surprisingly intuitive and usable (for powerpoint).


May 3, 2014