I’m a manly man. I can whistle, spit, change the oil in my car and bench press more than my body weight. Of course, being so ruggedly manly also comes with downsides. My pants have pleats, my haircut came from a place with a dollar sign in the name and I can only name 6, maybe 7, colors. So when it came time to completely overhaul Funny or Die’s design, I knew I was going to need help. Bring on the hipsters in ironic t-shirts” I thought. Time to get a bunch of cappuccino sipping, clunky-glasses-wearing French Poetry majors to fuss over serifs, color stories and beveling. Or is it the absence of beveling. I don’t know. That’s the point. I needed help. Anyway, I was happy with how the folks at Spring — while fashionably dressed — understood my business needs and translated them into practical results. They made the whole process easy and I was extremely happy with the results. This was my second time hiring the Spring team and there will definitely be a third — I may even start cuffing my jeans.

- Mitch Galbraith, COO, Funny or Die


October 1, 2013