Today I checked out the printed magazine. It’s printed on coated stock (which I didn’t want), but everything else looks fine. (minus a few typos) even the layout is ok, and i never printed proofs which is  a massive no no in design. next issue will be way easier to make with this under my belt.

  1. It may be slightly less wide - i measured a magazine in japan that was 250mm x 18mm and it just felt better+ i wont need to crop ads as much.

  2. if i can get more ads and content it will be a bit thicker+more to read

  3. Order less! Although this order was significantly less than last years mag, I think I could get away with 1000 copies for Caulfield. We’ll see. (people pass them around, leave them lying around.) This will mean an easier budget for us as well.

That’s about it. I hope people like it and want to put their own content in it. One day I want to put this motherfucker in an I-Pad!


March 4, 2010