One last post before Xmas. I just found out that I’m going to be the new graphics editor for my school magazine Esperento. I’m siked, but at the same time a little bit bitten off too much’. That said, I thought the same about pretty much everthing I’ve ever big decision in my life: travelling solo overseas, choosing my course, interships: it usually works out. So it’s my job to take a magazine that’s a little bit tired and washed up, and turn it into something a bit sexy.

I was feeling a little washed up myself today, decided to watch the lil wayne doc: The Carter’. I’ve listened to him for a long time, but never even really heard him talk, apparently they followed him for 6 months, all access, yet he refused to sit down and be questioned. It was really interesting and he’s much more personable and funny then you think, he’s also bent on codeine fused 7up and pounds of high grade kush’, so it’s suprising he can walk around properly.

Merry Xmas and all that!

December 24, 2009