I Found artist Kim Bost through the Pencil Factory. I noticed that she does quite a bit of editorial design, something that I’ve been honing in on recently, and an area that I want to explore myself.

I was brought up on mac’s, and I mean apple before imac. Most people, especially design students wouldn’t be familiar with the clunky (but still kinda cool) Operating system of the 90’s. It’s all shiny and glossy now, and that the way it’s always been for most people.

I was thinking maybe we’ll move back towards this retro, monotone, gloomy look for some applications of design (one off posters and editorial). There’s a strong sense of nostalgia, boredom and the doldrums of the 90’s but also a kinda nihilistic i don’t give a fuck’ awesomeness to it.

November 19, 2009