November 13, 2009


Some really class work from Alistair Webb. I’ve also been liking the Commerzbank rebrand.

I haven’t been making much recently, mainly because I’ve been traipsing the streets of Mebourne on a quest to become a junior. I did do a poster/illustration for my dad’s 49th, which I’ll post tomorrow.

Micro Trend: Mandala’s. Everyone (in Melbourne) knows the karma evasion ads that utilised the concentric diagram’ in the corner.

A new ad for Aspirin takes the Mandala idea to crazy new levels of detail. I can’t think of any medium that would actually compliment this, maybe on the ground? I like the soccer ball smashing the vase… And of course my own mandala, designed in one of my first classes this year.

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237799649 6 Examples of the ‘X-Ray’ ad. I thought it was interesting that a number of recent print ads were running with this xray/cross section look.
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