Here are a few variations of a logo/icon I designed for the Villages of Mt Dandenong. It’s kind of based on a tulip/bird/heart/leaf whatever you want really. Design comps like these are annoying because for one, you have no idea who you are up against. They’ve put up the brief to all victorian design students’ which I presume to be a shitload of people/talent. The prize is for your design to be plastered all over their town, but there’s no cash incentive. They get to sit around and cherry pick the best logo, and walk away 1 up.

Last week our year had a studio session to design a logotype for the naked brunch’ an act for the fringe festival. And yeah the same deal, the client’ hand picked the best of the 70 versions, for no cost. I know it was just a brief for class, but comps like this turn design into a machine that churns out a bunch of logos for little or no money.

Same thing with the diary cover, I have no idea how many other people entered, what it’s judged on, what the judges were looking for etc etc

Anyway, the new logo is meant to re-juventate Mt Dandenongs lagging tourism industry (the place is not exactly barbados). i looked in the paper the other day though, and everyone who lives up there are lopping down every tree in sight in case of fires, so i ask you this tourism people; why are people going to go up there now? For the scones?

September 19, 2009