September 17, 2009


Is Mitch Beige Brown (a graphic designer from sydney) biting Jon Zawada’s (a graphic designer from sydney) style?

Designers borrowing ideas and styles is nothing new. And I don’t want to point any fingers, because I’m sure they’ll get pointed back at me eventually. We all aspire to be the next big thing, pioneer trends, be original/creative as we can. There’s always a part of your design that will borrow some other idea that you’ve been introduced to, it’s inevitable I think.

Famous’ designers get famous’ usually because they are good at what they do, get their name out there, and often hold their own style down, so that people (clients) recognize it, and want a piece of it. Borrowing only holds up for so long, and in the commercial realm it gets a bit touchy if you’re making cash off something that’s not entirely yours.

So here’s a comparison anyway, it’s more just a look at similiar design trends than anything else. You decide!

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