September 16, 2010


Lost world-fairs looks like a vehicle for type kits emerging presence on the web. So so so refreshing to see this look on a webpage and you know it would look mad on an ipad. I used this snapshot cos it’s 100% editorial design: the stacked fonts complementing each other, the holding shapes… So hopefully in the near future being able to design a printed page will be the same as a digital one (style not function wise).
Also good to see scrolls being used in the year 2040! 

and again over at the Extraordinaries. BTW THE LAST SCROLL I WILL EVER POST IS COMING UP, im so sick of seeing them everywhere and writing about them.

web stumble fonts

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1134854983 Ok here it is. This is the last scroll I will ever talk about or show on this god forsaken blog. I think we can all agree that they are pretty big