Daily notes

From the start of this year I’ve been writing daily notes in apple notes app. 
There is no goal, but I need to do it every day.

So far I have not missed a day. Maybe I should have waited to write this, but I feel confident I can make it to the end of the year.

Here’s what I do.

The title format for each note is YYYY-MM-DD. That’s it.

Once the note is full’, usually at the end of the day, I drop it in a folder called Daily Notes. It looks like this.

My notes

To help myself, I create the note for tomorrow right after, so there’s less barriers for writing.

So what do I write? Mainly garbage. I’ve almost never looked back at old notes. I treat them exactly like pieces of paper that I might sketch on throughout the day.

Notes within notes. Within a note, I may write down something that my swim coach said. I’d write that down to remember it, and then tag it within the note with #swim . If it was a more substantial topic, that would deserve its own note, but this way it helps me to build up lots of notes on lots of different topics I’m interested in or trying to learn more about.

I also enjoy the freedom to try out different things. In the past I had a gratitude journal, which was very structured. It asked you to write down 3 things that you were grateful for, and looking forward to. Useful, but started to feel like homework after a while, and I broke the habit.

September 30, 2022