Your browser is now a mirror!

I work on a 27″ iMac. It’s great. Bigger is better, and I don’t think I could work half as quick on my laptop. But. The screens are too damn reflective. So reflective that when Apple released the new iMac earlier this year, they made sure it was the first thing the said about it: You won’t want anything to distract you from what you’re viewing on these big, beautiful 21.5- and 27-inch displays. And nothing will, thanks to a new display design that reduces reflection by 75 per cent.”

So for those of you who are stuck using the 75% more reflective models, are any other big glossy display screen, I give you Mirror Off, a new web app. After a year of development it’s finally ready. I wanted to ship it in early May, but I decided that to get iOS working, I’d have to spend some more time on it.

Mirror Off works best in Chrome v15 and above, and for Android 4.0+ and iOS 4.3+ devices. It uses the latest modern web technologies, including HTML5 features such as WebSockets for real-time synchronicity on desktop and mobile, and Canvas and CSS3 for rich and engaging visuals.

August 6, 2013