Woman Disrespects Military in Facebook Photo, Has Life Turned Upside-Down

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The rise of facebook and the millions of real life’ identities linked on the site, meant increasing pressure on the balloon of shit that is the internet’. The two things aren’t entirely separate anymore. Think of your facebook profile (or any social profile that reveals your real name) as a wormhole that lets anything or anyone from anywhere on a computer to affect your living, breathing life. We’ve seen it happen a few times, and I can’t see why it would stop. So, just remember this (for reddit users but applies to anyone): Are you on a website, message board, network or other web-based purveyor of images and words? You are on the Internet, which is in public. Everything you type there can be found, through the magic of”having eyeballs” and scrolling fingers.” And it can be assembled. It’s kind of sad that stupid photos like the one this woman took of a military grave are so so public now. I remember taking similar stupid photos with friends, but they stayed on a sd card or at worst someone’s computer, not on multiple facebook/google servers…


November 21, 2012