Wired, Tired, Expired

Here’s my take one of my favourite Wired columns, but with an obvious design twist.

Wired • Risograph printing.

And I’m not saying this because I just got stuff printed on a Riso. It’s a fresh take on what is basically the offset printing process, where you get to let out all your spot colour frustration without burning too much cash. If you live in Melbourne, this is the guy to see. If you happen to live in smoggy old London town Ditto Press is a cool publisher who specialise in the stuff.

Tired - Graphic design style parodies.

Ironic or not, it’s kind of been done. Both really well and really ehh. It’s also a very easy thing to do. Graphic designers do what they do usually because they have a talent for detail, often to an obsessive degree. So to show off how perceptive you are is a useless exercise. You show me a better way to take a photo of a poster without a hectic wire situation going on!

Expired - Space age type treatments

These examples really aren’t that bad. I’m just having a go at brostep. Any sucker can hack a copy of photoshop and read the spectacular flaming meteor’ tutorial, and create something like this which looks like it honestly should never of lived. All blending modes, no soul.

August 17, 2011