John Wick Trilogy should be the blueprint for all trilogies

Here’s why.

  • It does everything the first does, but better. More fighting, more reflected neon lights, more designer suits, more guns, more villains, more stunts etc.

  • John Wick 1 created a world. Most movies can’t pull this off, and those that can (eg. Avengers) are rewarded with countless money making sequels. John Wick 2 now has the luxury to expand on that world.

  • John Wick 1 didn’t show too much. Just like a good first level of a game, the purpose is to introduce the player to his main character (the hero), some of his abilities, some of his weaknesses, his goals, concepts, show some cool stuff and that’s it. Nothing too complicated. John Wick 2, building off that foundation can now introduce more rules, complications, misfits. We are ready for it, but it would have been too much to be jammed into the original.

  • John Wick 2 kept telling the same story. The events of the second film happen 4 days after the first, so rather than starting a brand new adventure, it’s just a logical progression from previous events.

  • It’s still bare bones. I’m sure there are fanboys screaming for more information. What did he do in the past? Who are his allies? Tell us more about the high table.. But they smartly only tell you about the stuff that really matters for the plot.

  • Lastly, it doesn’t end. John Wick 2 starts with John trying to plug a leaky hole, and by the end he realizes the dam wall is about to crumble onto his head. It makes sense if the 2nd film is x2 the third should be x1000 intensity, especially for this series.

May 20, 2019