Who is Alex Cornell?


I follow the blog iso50, which I thought was written by Scott Hansen, but it turns out this dude Alex Cornell guest posts. He always writes these really in depth/process entries of his experience working at a new startup company that produces mobile apps. The guy has an insane work ethic, and if you click around his site you’ll find that his online presence is almost godlike. I mean, his youtube channel features a few videos of him playing acoustic covers of pop songs. You see that all the time on youtube, but he’s different; he’s fucking colour graded the videos and designed a logo/title page for each song. The songs are properly recorded, not just sung into a webcam, and you can download them for free on soundcloud. also note he owns the name alex cornell’ across flickr, tumblr, myspace, dribble and has his own orginal content seemingly coming out of every pore on his body. ridic

October 31, 2011