Weekly World News

I was probably 10 years old, the first time I flicked through a Weekly World News.

I would have been visiting the States, on a family vacation. And like many things I encountered on those trips, Captain Crunch cereal, Nickelodeon, Ice Blue Game Boys, it completely fried my brain. American culture was simply too weird, wonderful and powerful for my delicate senses.

Browsing through a newsstand today, still gives me a bit of this high. The photography, typography, copywriting, and personalities oozing from magazine covers.

Our mantra was,”Never talk yourself out of a good story.” If a lady called and said aliens ate her laundry, The New York Times might say, Do you have evidence?” We’d say, Oh, do you know if he liked jeans or frilly stuff best?””

Bat Boy Lives! An Oral History of Weekly World News

August 11, 2020