October 18, 2009


Ignore the photo, as it has nothing to do with this link. I wanted to do a post about really fat, geometric logos and typefaces, but this guy already did a much better, and more thorough job of it.

Also, I was thinking about internships at work the other day, and i think i need one of those gimmicky things that sets me apart from other applicants. Maybe a stop motion vimeo with a to-the-minute popular indie song? Maybe where I illustrate pizzas and show what I can bring to the studio/company? Has this been done before?

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212771594 my bike, was very rusty, so i sanded it down, repainted it, changed the handlebars and generally pimped it. ready to ride once i get a new back
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217049531 90% finished type treatment for a project called ‘free range type’ (the one where i was skating). I decided on the word ‘slidin’ because the found