To Advertise Is Human

Advertising. You’re trying to make people aware of something that they were not previously aware of.

Amazing products like an iPhone are naturally easier to sell than more obscure or abstract things.

Dating profiles, craigslist posts and even scribbled posters for a neighborhood block party are all ads. Look at me, remember me, maybe even do something too!

So why don’t people take advantage, and treat these like serious ads?

A few reasons. Most people think advertising is inherently evil, haven’t learnt how to write, design or persuade and are not interested in doing so. Or maybe haven’t even thoughtabout advertising as an option.

That last angle is interesting to me. Tucker Max talks about how he reframed a job post, and 10x’d his applications.

Job advertisements are traditionally boring, hard to read and framed around what the employer wants, rather than what they can offer the reader.

A better (performing) ad, frames the job around the readers interests, desires, motivations, identity etc.

Instead of writing robotic requirements, Tucker “scripted a movie, with the reader as the hero.”

He made it about them.

He made an actual ad.

This is what successful mass communication has done for 150+ years.

Successful communication speaks to you. Yes, there’s often a hidden goal, but first you have to get attention. And to get attention, you have to be good.

Copywriting, design, and a bit of creativity are hugely powerful levers for achieving this attention.

And thanks to AWS, Youtube and Facebook, it’s never been easier to start a company, make a video and spread it around the world.

The old world’ media barons are naturally upset about this sudden transfer of power.

Today, there is so much potential to get your idea seen, and sold!

Since the benefits of advertising are fairly simple and obvious, it’s not a particularly risky move to advertise.

If the medium you’ve chosen reaches the people you want to reach, and if your medium clearly carries the name of your brand, your money will not have been wasted.” - Jeremy Bullmore

If you’re interested, there’s two areas to look into.

First, finding the opportunity to advertise something. If you’re trying to communicate or get attention for anything, there’s an opportunity. 

Secondly, supercharging that communication. The internet has enabled distribution that would make Gutenberg shit his 15th century pants. There’s no reason not to take advantage with world class messages.

You’ll need good user-centered design, clear copywriting and clever, creative ideas. 

What are you waiting for?

September 22, 2017