The reason to diet

I think you should go on a diet. Even if it’s likely you’ll fail, feel bad, and give up.

Dieting is still a popular and effective way to lose weight. Lots of people have tried different styles of eating, and have successfully reached their goals.

Some people say that dieting is dangerous, is the wrong way to think about food, and ultimately fails because life gets in the way. 

You don’t need to read all those books in the airport about willpower to understand this concept. Even as I’m writing this, I’m chomping on a chocalate bar and am eyeing even more sugary treats — Halloween is my excuse! 

I know better, yet I still drift off my plan.

But here’s one reason I think diets are a good idea, even if just for a week. 

They force you to look at food, and fitness in a new way. When you approach a new diet, like paleo, you invariably tend to soak in some information. You learn stuff. Paleo might lead you to articles about Crossfit, or FODMAP, or any number of things. 

I always keep an eye out for the latest crazes. For example, the vertical diet has been doing the rounds in the bodybuilding community. 

Am I going to eat like this for the rest of my life. Is this going to make me shredded and rich? NO! 

I think that anyone approaching a new diet has to have a bit of growth mindset. They have to believe that they are able to change something about themselves. This is what seperates them from the others who stay on the sidelines and are fine with not trying anything new.

So when I hear about someone who is trying something new, instead of shaking my head and saying “You know must people fail….or you know there’s no science to back up what you’re saying…or you know that’s not going to give you a six-pack, I keep my mouth shut.

The health and fitness world is a bit mad, but I think we can all benefit from experimenting, going after lofty goals and trying new stuff.

October 26, 2018