The Rap Board - Signature catchphrases from your favorite rappers

There’s a few reasons I like this site. 

  1. It’s a one idea website. A soundboard for rapper’s catchphrases”

  2. I know all these catchphrases, so I am the target demo for this site, whatever that means.

  3. It’s well designed, a typeface i don’t recognise, one colour to offset the black and white faces (which have all been sourced, adjusted and cropped perfectly). Cutting our heads is something I did a lot when I was doing editorial stuff, and it can very easily look wrong. The trick is you want the subject to be looking dead on the camera for it to work.

-1. Doesn’t work on mobile

A soundboard is such a web 1.0 type thing to find on the internet. I wonder if there’s much room to make these things that look like this, look better: and sharable?

August 20, 2012