The Oscars

Since the Oscars are on tomorrow, I thought I’d post some movies that I’ve really enjoyed recently.

(James Franco feeling thirsty vis 127 hours)


Smug, clever doc about facebooking randoms who you may have relations with at some point, and the dangers there of.


Another great documentary. A dude who loves nature (rivers in particular), is super pissed off when he finds out the U.S gov (along with raping its citizens of good health, money, safety and food is also raping them of clean water).


Van Wilder is super pissed off that he’s buried alive, and won’t be able to make the frat party by 10. Crzy ending and yes the camera never leaves the coffin. 


Best Sc-Fi i’ve seen for a looooong time (no stupid aliens, explosions and nonsensical storylines, bad acting etc).

The Fighter

Bale kills it as a crack smoking down and out boxer, shoe in for best supporting.

Winters bone

Another oscar nominee, feels less like an oscar film simply because it’s so mind numbingly depressing and poor. If that’s what Missouri is really like well, Missouri is the place to go if you want to see burnt out meth labs and burnt out meth heads. I hope the lead gets best actress, she really puts the movie on her back.

Un prophete

You could probably skip all 6 seasons of OZ and just watch this steel-solid prison/crime drama. It’s about a nobody who slowly works his way to the top of the prison, perfect ending too. But you should watch OZ too..

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February 27, 2011