The confident man

After the success of the dollar shave club and the comparisons to the original Old Spice commercials, I got to thinking, what made the Old Spice guy so popular in the first place? If dollar shave club proved anything, it was that the visual effects that seemed to be the viral ingredient of the Old Spice spots, didn’t matter so much. I laughed out loud when he cut the masking tape with a machete, and there’s no tricks or CGI involved there. Recently we’ve seen important men, interesting men and of course the man your man could be. The main theme here is just bold, confident men not giving a fuck and speaking directly to the customer, who’s a man that wants cheap shavers, expensive whiskey, mexican beer and not to smell like a woman. Confidence in life sold a lot of stuff back in the 60’s, and these campaigns show that there’s no shame in supreme alpha male confidence. I like it, hopefully it means less common denominator men won’t learn’ rubbish.

March 10, 2012