Tell A Story Like Bobby Axlerod

The more specific or visual you can be, the more persuasive your argument. The more interesting your story. No one likes boring generalities.


Specifics stick in your mind like Scotch Super Glue™.

Here’s an example from Showtime’s Billions.

Bobby Axlerod is asked to think of a time when he used his anger as weapon.

Fifth grade.

I needed money. 

There were these rich eighth-grade pricks from Harrison. 

God, I hated their stupid faces

I had an Islander jersey and a Koho hockey stick. 

I signed em Mike Bossy and Bryan Trottier, and the dickbags bought em. 

What’d you get? $300 cash, new sneakers, Atari

When they found out, they went to town on me like Dave The Hammer” Schultz

God, I got so angry at them, my parents for not having enough money, myself for getting caught. 

That rage grew in me. 

It worked like jet fuel for years.

This is an incident from over 40 years ago, but there’s nothing fuzzy in this memory — for him, or the listener.

November 20, 2018