June 6, 2013

Suits Crossing

As this article outlines, it’s not like really bad accidents are happening daily in the CBD, it’s just an ongoing arm wrestle between pedestrians, cyclists and cars (and fucking taxis) that characterises transport in Melbourne.

In response I decided to make a sign as a bit of a joke for other commuters. It’s a collision of two rat races: one on wheels and one on the foot!

A few notes on production:

Most of the design work was completed in under an hour, about a month ago, during a sleep-deprived pitch session. Here’s the original .AI file.

This pdf: Manual of Standard Drawings for Road Signs”, available to download from Vic Roads, was extremely useful for making the sign look sign-like.

Some mates in our print studio pumped out a perfect print, backed on sturdy card so it didn’t fly off in the wind. I suck at printing, so working at a cross-discipline agency is a big plus for stuff like this.

So after shooting a bunch of blurry images…


as you can see nasty-ass cars don’t care.


And a bit of post…image


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