roppongi hills, shinjuko revisit

i bought some japanese nikes today. my spending is officially lost all control. you wont get mugged, raped, murdered or even looked at the wrong way in tokyo, but you will spend every last yen that you can convert (it’s really hard to find atm’s)

Roppongi is shit both day and night, just less seedy in the day. nothing to do there, probably the least japanese.’ last night went out there-probably more russian escorts than japanese girls.

ate maybe the healthiest burger ive ever had: steamed bun-tuna, and wasabi sauce.

visited maybe the biggest magazine store ever-but there were no SEATS!! but damn they had some quality stuff in there. a whole section was dedicated to little photo books of newly born kittens growing into cats…again wtf

some huge demonstration rally in the street-couldnt work out what it was about.

It was frigid and raining lightly this morning for the tokyo marathon. Every 10th person was dressed as a videogame character or just be wearing a crazy hat. they were still taking it seriously, but be dressed as luigi or a big chicken.

breakfast: mtn dew + ramen

shinjuko station is apparently the busiest in the world. i believe it, but you get bumped less than at flinders st. everyone here actually stands to the side, and queues to get into the train. noone shoves, noone runs for the train and then swears loudly when they dont get in- and when they’re sick, they don’t cough in  your face, they wear mouth masks. mad respect!!

also when i finished my roll, i didnt roll it back up, so when i opened the back i just spoilt it. so dont expect any photos.

not heaps of people at the hostel, theres more staff-or people who work here for free accom, and thats who ive been hanging out with.

ive got 2 more full days, thought id check out the fish markets tomorow morning, but apart from that im in no rush, ive throuroughly seen everything i wanted to see, but i know that ive only maybe seen 1% of what tokyo has to offer.

February 28, 2010

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