August 20, 2017


A new portfolio piece I just posted to Behance. This was a very small project, it probably took a week of design effort, and shipped maybe another week later.

There’s also nothing particularly ‘wow’ about it. It’s honestly not something you’d see in a design portfolio.

But I’m very proud of it.

Why? We did something, and it had a positive effect on the customer, and the business. 

My focus for the rest of the year is to improve two distinct things.

Delivering more value (perceived or real) to customers, and also learning from each effort. 

Value is not output. It’s not features for the sake of features. Value is a real, positive, validated outcome. A real improvement. 

In terms of my projects, this will mean less shooting in the dark and hoping lagging indicators will move, and more controlled, defined, smaller experiments that improve specific behaviors. 

Thinking this way makes better stuff for users. Jeff sums up this mindset really well on this podcast.

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