VISUAMUSIO - iPad App (by wowinctokyo)

I envy apps like this. With my limited knowledge of app developement I wonder how much use stuff like paper.js is? 

Paper.js is a brand new open source vector graphics scripting framework with two important distinctions. First, it’s actually nothing new. Paper.js is entirely based offScriptographer, the ten year old scripting framework for Adobe Illustrator, complete with its own mature and battle-tested display hierarchy and Object Model. This is welcome news for any developer familiar with Illustrator or — more importantly — Flash. Second, it uses the Canvas element as opposed to SVG. Besides the speed boost this grants, it also means we can take advantage of the rasterization and bitmap manipulation features of Canvas.”

-Teehan+Lax Labs

examples here: paper, future splash

These kind of things in desktop computing are a little hokey, but when they’re transported to a tablet/touch screen they’re intuitive and engrossing (especially for kids).

I’ll be keeping an eye out for this lab, they seem to have a keen eye for physical computing which is a hot topic as of late.

September 17, 2012