My 14 favourite design links of 2015

If you teach a man anything, he will never learn.” - George Bernard Shaw

I agree. Doing, or teaching something is a more effective way to learn.

But, I still love to read! 

These 14 links that I’ve collected have made a huge impact on me, and the way I think about designing experiences. Hopefully they might help you too.

Some were published longer than a year ago, but I think that says something about their quality and longevity, attributes that most design writing lacks. 

Wait, what is UX?

UX Maturity Model: From Usable to Delightful - Prachi Sakhardande, Rajiv Thanawala

There Is No Such Thing as UX Design - Peter Meholz

What Makes Great Product Design? - Braden Kowitz, Leland Rechis, Liz Danzico, Kim Bost, Katie Dill of Airbnb

Design Teams

How to Organize a Team that Designs End-to-End Experiences - Katie M Dill

Shaping Organizations To Deliver Great User Experiences - Peter Meholz

The Design Process

How We Design At Intercom - Paul Adams

Inside Design - Invision

Open the Kimono - Soleio Cuervo

The Business Value of Design

What Every Executive Needs to Know About Design - Prashant Agarwal, Mahin Samadani, and Hugo Sarrazin

The User Experience - Ben Thompson, James Allworth

Design Thinking Comes of Age - Jon Kolko


Please Pay Attention to Your Tour Guide, A Practical Type of Empathy  - Indi Young (for people)

What Is Code? - Paul Ford (for developers)

December 29, 2015