July 29, 2019

Mind Milestones

When we think of big moments in your life, they are usually real, tangible things.

You know, stuff you can stick on a vision board.

A bright white wedding dress.

Eating a takeout on the floor of your new house.

A new job title on your resume. Manager.” Director.”

These make sense for a few reasons.

  • They make meaningful difference in your life.
  • They are external and can be seen and understood by others. And most stuff in life involves at least one other person.
  • They are easier to visualize and set goals against.

But here’s a radical idea.

What if the major moments in your life are actually internal?

What if you celebrated moments when you thought of yourself differently? Started liking yourself. Moved past a fear that had guided a lot of your decisions.

These are hard for others to really notice from the outside.

It’s harder to quantify. It’s hard to pinpoint growth like that. But I think we should try to.

These changes are no less significant than the surface layer stuff.

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