Looking back and forward

Today marks Thomas Jefferson’s birthday.

It also marks the day I left Melbourne.

April, 2014

On that day, I committed to go out into the world and do something (not be someone). I’m happy I did, but I’m also a little surprised by this version of myself. What was he thinking?

If I was to meet myself 5 years ago, I think we’d both be shocked and delighted by what we saw. 

And vice versa.

My past self would appear naive, ignorant, stubborn, close-minded, but also optimistic and idealistic. Hungry.

And my future self’? Americanized? More relaxed? More confident? A bit friendlier? It’s harder to judge.

But what makes me happy, and what tells me I’m on the right track is I would surprise myself.

I would have so many questions for myself. You live where? You do what? You did that? How? Was it hard?

So next time you’re looking over some old photos, make sure you’re surprised by what you’ve done, and the person you were, and pleasantly surprised by the strange version of your life that you find yourself living today.

April 13, 2019