Hmm was really hoping Just Another Agency was some new left field ad agency, but it’s more like an artist employment agency…

A few things about semi-permanent. Don’t drink the night before you go, Leif is as new-age and crazy as the names for his projects. I didn’t agree with half the stuff he was preaching about, especially that DMT was your soul leaving your body? No, it’s just a drug. Although I’m not an illustrator and don’t follow many, i’ll be keeping an eye on beastman, mad talent, seems like a cool guy and most importantly he has a recognisable style and is prolific. Pixar was last and although everyone knows how fun it would be to work there, videos of animators trying out the spanish buzz lightyear flamenco scene for motion capture cemented it. Well worth it: Thanks for the ticket loz!

September 19, 2010