Artists, entrepreneurs, and people who work with ideas all choose how much to work and how much to talk about their work. I’ll represent three work/ talk archetypes as structures:

One who evangelizes lazy, boring work is a charlatan. His structure is quick to build, but top-heavy. It will fall with an unassuming push, or under its own weight if given enough time.

The martyr spends her time head-down in the studio. She produces amazing work, but it will enter the world only if it’s discovered by some outside force. Her structure is a pyramid- solid, but inefficient.

The hustler realizes that work is invisible when nobody cares about it, but that getting people to care about bad work is energy misplaced.

The hustler’s goal is to convert people to his or her vision, thus laying claim to the next cultural moment.”

a print by Joey Roth, a dude who also makes these amazing ceramic speakers.

December 12, 2011