idea cauldron #1

I’m going to start posting ideas here, not fully formed at all just jump off points. Some will be stupid, whatever just crazy scribblings like in Seinfeld when Jerry thinks of a funny joke in the middle of the night, but when morning comes it’s complete drivel.

• Lil wayne/rick rozay punchline t-shirts. I come up with the top 20-30 lil wayne/rozay punchlines eg. I get money to kill time, dead clocks the type would be arranged in an interesting way and would fill the whole shirt. Also the punchlines would continue to change, maybe some sort of poll so people are charting the t-shirts like threadless. This could expand to all rappers, fans on youtube are incredibly loyal/vocal about what stinks and what’s fire..

• Web video series (2 min a day for 2 weeks). A gopro is strapped on the back of a great white shark, and a pro surfer who live/surf in the same area. Let’s see what happens! Sponsored by the discovery channel!

• downloadable laugh tracks for movies


July 14, 2011