May 6, 2010

I can see the light!

a few things about the upcoming esperanto. 

my two feature colours (apart from black), will be purple haze’ and mao dynasty red’. These will crop up as gradients in thumbnail photos, my little illustrations and a few major holding shapes, apart from that I won’t use them in headings or anywhere else.

Also-lot’s more large photos, giving articles more room to breathe, wired-esque shapes and lines leading your eyes around, and about 4 new grids, rather than the old 3 column deal. Utopia will be my subheading, feature font is Caslon Graphique, but quite a few features have custom type treatments. Feel is classy, american, solid & detailed.’ 

As far as content goes, there’s nothing groundbreaking, a few how to’s, more reviews, and a bit of local travel’ rather than spiritual experience’ stuff. We’ve taken a step back after the sex issue because it causes so much turmoil. Also no more fake ads (nike & clearasil) because we don’t want to upset Converse, and also why give them adspace for free?

Yup that’s about it. Workload finally starting to decrease…..

esperanto folio im not going to splendour

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