How to sell things.

So the last few months I attended MADCs ignition course.

Every Wednesday we’d visit a different agency, and listen to a different creative explain how they do their job. Photographers, creative directors, writers, producers and directors all playing different roles in the world of advertising. and I’d furiously scribble down the notes you see below, usually still pouring with sweat from riding my bike to the agency - yeah i was that guy. and I’d be really inspired. I’d be thinking yes.. i want to be a art director, i want to think up concepts and get my favourite photographer to shoot them.

but then there was the work. every Tuesday was like the complete flip side. I’d roll into BMF and present ideas to this creative team who were kind of mentorring me. and each and every idea would get politely rubbed in shit. and then set on fire. What with my last few months of my actual degree weighing on my head, nothing that i seemed to think up would fly. 

was that a sign to quit advertising and stick to studio? I haven’t quite figured that out. 

So, I’ve finished school, and i don’t have a job, or an idea that I’m really proud of,

But I do have this list…

YOU NEED THESE 3 THINGS to make a good ad:

an insight

a fucking idea

some sort of craft so it’s not a pencil scribble

put yourself in the consumers shoes

the idea should be able to be explained on a billboard, so draw billboards

if you can’t understand it or talk about it, it’s not a good idea

The art direction is only there to explain the idea, not to overpower it.

idea is a one sentence rationale eg. louder is better

the idea will art direct the ad

think the same. common experience

don’t be different for the sake of it.

there’s a Fine line between weird and cliche.

When presenting, make your slides clear and simple.

Do the opposite.

Pare it all back.

your job is to make brands popular

it’s about people having relationships with brands/things

content is what is interesting to people

your idea should always be easy to articulate

create tools, or hack existing technology

start anywhere

write scripts like jokes

have an idea

keep the execution simple

tv idea need to be simple, 3-4 frames

the best ads say one thing

find a different way of saying it.

simplify what you want to say

then exagerate to express your point

tv ad must be at least as interesting as what it’s interrupting

product demonstration-it’s a testimonial that adds credibility

tips for shooting your own ads:

less acting: more product demonstration + a twist for good measure

the tvc should be flowing in your head, if it’s not it’s probably not a good idea.

An ad is like a film, but there’s no room for backstory. Music tells you what to think (scary, ironic)

Some commercials, the story can be told just with all closeups.

November 15, 2011