Glossy Shiny Things

I came to the realisation the other day. Most things (art, music, design) aimed at young people who like to dance and take drugs; often (not always) look like they’ve been dipped in a vat of something sticky, probably from one of the backrooms at Willie Wonka’s factory.

The best explanation is that this demographic is often drawn to bright colours, and appreciate when something pops’ out of the paper. This demographic would probably enjoy Ferntree Gully 2’. Mainly because it’s bright, colourful & more polished than Hugh Hefner’s Cock’.

I found a few examples of this in recent graphic design/illustration. I don’t think I’ll ever get around to doing a post about Serif Gothic. You can see it on Pete Tong’s new tour, the front cover of the newest Creative Review or on the boat that rocked. Without a doubt that font of the year.

Mobile Disco 2010. As a Ministry rival, this is better than the annual branding.

Alex Trochut. I’d say leading this trend in terms of typography and colour.

2010 Annual. A weaker example of glossy type.

Douglas Bicicleta. Less e’ more acid. I really like these.

Jeff Finley Check out his folio!

Alejandro Inler. Reminds me a little of Luke Lucas stuff. Not so into this effect once it get’s into real 3D territory rather than just suggested form… Still looks good.

Michael Carney, Cd cover designer. This is a section from the new Blakroc album.

That’s it! Happy new Year!


December 30, 2009