from epic ikko tanaka exhibition in ginza

I’ve got crazy fast internet in my hostel, and I brought my lappy so i thought I might write a few observations on my first few days.

Cairns international terminal is a joke. but not a funny one. 4 hours felt like half my life.

Bikes ride pretty much wherever the hell they want to, and have these sweet little locks you can’t notice, as opposed to our stupid d-locks and chains.

Metro is fast, but complicated and tickets are a bit expensive.

The city is actually really walkable, and not as aggressively crowded as you think (I haven’t been to west side yet like shibuya and stuff).

Sushi is actually kind of expensive. Better is these sobu/udon noodle bars where you have this vending machine: you pick your meal, and then they make it for you infront of you (in a shop). Really cheap and really tasty.

Yeah there is a shop that sells stationary. On 10 floors.

There’s a suburb that just sells electronic stuff. i saw the half pipe finals on what seemed like a 5 metre wide tv screen.

Tekkan 6 seems to be a big deal for Japanese people.

Yeah beer comes in vending machines.

Everyone is really chill, but I saw probably 6 tourists in a day? And noone else speaks/wants to speak english.


February 24, 2010